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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SayClub Graphics

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Quick Tutorial/Guide

Find out how to get these cuties and more of them!

In this short & easy tutorial I'll be guiding you through the endless pages of SayClub.
What is SayClub? It's a Korean chatting site, but among kawaii-bloggers, it's known as the great source of cute pixel graphics and what not. They have a SayMall , where you can buy all those cute graphics like characters with virtual coins. Non-members can simply use them for their own stuff. Because it's Korean (or Japanese/Chinese, I don't know exactly) and many of you aren't, I'll translate everything for you. Correction: Google Translate will! :3 

1. Download Google Translate Extension here (for Mozilla users, just look up Google Translate in your extension store, it should be free) - some browsers already have it.
2. Go to SayClub SayMall - this is where all the graphics are at.  
3. Press the Translate Button as seen on the image below and click OK/Translate.

4. Now you have the translated version of the webpage. There are a lot of tabs on the sidebar with vague titles, that's because Google Translate is not the best translator ^^ . 

Just click whatever tab you'd like, and you have access to all of them. Here are a few previews. I can't do all of them, that would take a ton of time, since every tab has 100+ pages!

You are Pat (no idea what Pat means lol)

Safe Lens (I love these!!)

So, that was pretty much it for this tutorial. It's not even a tutorial honestly, just a quick simple guide for people who didn't have Google Translator yet. If you still have questions (totally possible!) please comment or contact me personally. Have fun with your tons of cute graphics now. You'll see some of them around on this blog.
Ciao, Pixie