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These aren't frequently asked at all since no one ever asks me something... But just in advance. :c 

Can you please make me a custom pixel art?

No. I'm not a creator of those wonderful pixels. I've given credit to the rightful owners of EVERY graphic I post here. Please ask them, not me. 

You haven't given me credit... Why not?

I'm very sorry, I must've forgotten or I couldn't find you. You can click on the Chat Box icon at the left side of the page, and fill in the Contact Form :)

I love your blog! How can I follow you?

Thank you. Just hit the Bloglovin' button in the sidebar or subscribe via email here:

Your contact form doesn't work.. Is there any other way to contact you?

As a matter of fact there is, just email me.

Can you link to my website please? I have a similar website!

Sure. If I like your content, I will absolutely link to you on the sidebar Link widget. You can ask me in the Contact Form (click the Chat Box icon, left side of the page).

I love your template... where is it from?

From the wonderful Roberta. She's an amazing artist! Go check out all her other work too.