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Made by KawaiiPandah on DeviantArt
Made by KawaiiPandah on DeviantArt

Hey there stranger! My name is Pixie. I'm 16 year old and Dutch (meaning, I live in Holland too heheh). I've seen tons of blogs concerning cute things, kawaii, as I like to call them, and I thought; hey that's cool to do yourself! So I just started this blog, and I'm super excited for its outcome. Most of my graphics are from Spanish sites (I just use the translator!), since I think quality comes with a level of expertise. Kidding, I just press Translate. Anyway, I have linked EVERY single blog that I used for my cute graphics on my Homepage. If your credit is not there, please contact me immediately, I'll change that. I know how important author credit is! 
The Chibi Girl on my blog header is made by Maruuki on DeviantArt.

Long story short, I LOVE everything kawaii. Mostly graphics, with that I mean pixel-y cute art that you or any other person can use for his or her blog/website. I'm a collector, you can say. I also provide you with goodies like widgets, once in a while. Next to graphics, other things like cute DIY's, calendars, videos (not mine), kawaii pictures and lookbooks (also not mine, I wish tho). ^^ 
If you have any criticism or see any bugs on my blog regarding these things listed above, please contact me, I always wish to know how to upgrade my blog. Some text is Spanish, since I had to translate all of it, I'm working on that.
Another blog, like this one, I've been working on is Pixel Palace. That's just very similar to this one, just the fact that I like this template more than the other one is different, but I like to keep them both. 

Hopefully, in the future someday, I'll be able to make those cute graphics and even kawaii simple templates myself. I've been watching a lot of tutorials on Tumblr that are very helpful. I'm not able to upload a tutorial myself yet... Sorry! I'm a HTML-noobie right now, so I'm not of any help. However, simple tutorials on other things, that I do make a lot! Questions regarding any other content on my blog is ALWAYS welcome, don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail OR simply click the Chat Box icon on the left side of the page to open up the Contact Form. For now, I'm just a freelancer. I hope to be able to invest in this site in the future; when I see that people like my blog and actually use this stuff! For me to reach that goal, a follow, share, like or even the simplest comment would mean so much to me.

Ciao, Pixie out *drops mic* 

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